MERCEDES-AMG A 45 / A 45 S (W177) 2020

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Downpipe w Cat (SS)


-2.9 kg

Downpipe w Cat (SS) was tested and developed together with Evolution Line (Titanium) system.

Offering an ideal upgrade to further the tuning potential of the car, the downpipe is primarily designed for track use and will release the most sporty and aggressive sound that the engine has to offer. Downpipe is equipped with high-flow 200 CPSI sport catalytic converter and eliminates the OPF which opens up a whole new sensory experience the moment you put your foot down! Sound level is much increased and is accompanied with deep and powerful sound in low and mid rev range and develops into a pure race derived acoustic ecstasy in high rev range you simply can’t get enough of! Every gear shift is full of crackling drama and the exhilarating tone is accompanied with an addictive burbling on every over-run in the sportiest settings! Yet despite being a race derived system it retains all of the comfort when you want it to in Comfort mode or at highway cruising with no unwanted sounds or drone in the cabin. The change in performance is a noticeable factor when compared to the Stock exhaust system configuration, and the difference is perceptible from the driver’s and passenger’s point of view.

When installing the Akrapovič Downpipe remapping the ECU is mandatory in order to prevent potential “check engine light” warning signals.

FITMENT NOTICE: This product does not fit 2021 vehicles equipped with Otto/gasoline particulate filter.


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